Donnerstag, 29. Juni 2017

RezDays 2017 - the first Pictures

First Snapshots from the RezDays 2017 - Virtual Reality Check with Acer Amaterasu

...and is reading some (some say too much) parts of the old Science Fiction Play
"Everything about Frankenstein & the third eye of Dr. Totenkopf" (2005, a play in the TO KNOW LIVE publication by Stephan Lugbauer and Johann Neumeister [Mexican Edition])

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Check the Youtube-Playlist The virtual GERNGROSS MUSEUM "HOUSE 1"

Soon MC sidetracks with a short exclusion to the OPTOGENETIC 2014 colum by Alexander Schießling (refering to the VR Eye-Brain-Interface)

He got a review on his upcoming book "BOTs vs. MAN" (probably still by TRAUMAWIEN)
And how it appears to be a review! >> while there happend well known phenomenas in time and space that will be immanent RezDays 2013 - on Keliths Tumblr Galerie

At last Acer Amaterasu presents his EURO PACE TANK as a "TRON LIKE" new VR-Concept for METAVERSE Inworld Gaming on SANSAR, HIGH FIDELY, or whatever we´ll have to face in the near future (and you´ll bet: The EndBoss will be probably be the MCP!)

Finally we´ll have a several days long "open discussion" about VR in the near future and how it will change mankind and society, the point when SKYNET will become consciousness and why the bionic arms on Doc"Spidermarcus"Ock´s back failed on the footnotes to his book since 2013  

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